You are an entrepreneur

We serve a clientele of entrepreneurs, through all the life of their company, whatever its sector, its size or its location, either sell-side (opening of the capital, cession…) or buy-side (build-ups…).

dedicated to Entrepreneurs

Merchant bankers and strategic advisory, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs serving other entrepreneurs. This position gives us a keen awareness on the high stakes of each mission for those who reach out to us. We are committed to being a partner of excellence and trust in all of the stages of an entrepreneur’s life.

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More than 20 companies and executives accompanied on at least 2 shareholders transactions

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We are aware that entrepreneurs are building the future. That is why we have to allow them, through our expertise, to reveal their full potential to transform society and to develop economy. We are staying at your entire disposal to understand your project and to help you bring your ambitions to life.

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